Who Are The Toxic People In Your Life?

Who Are The Toxic People In Your Life?

You must have heard many times of the word “toxic”. It’s that type of person that can be near you and it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or a partner. Either you can help them, or avoid them. Here are the most common signs of toxic people.

They subdue your energy

We are talking about “energy vampires”, which means that any conversation with them is draining your positive energy. These are dramatic people, they want attention and they are constantly asking favors from you. If you think that the person you are dealing with is toxic, ask yourself how you feel when you finish talking to this person. If you feel drained and tired, you’re probably dealing with a toxic person.

Every conversation revolves around them

You just had a conversation with a person that you think is toxic. Did you talk about them all the time? They did not care how you feel, what’s happening in your life? If you change the topic and do not talk about them, they feel the need to return to the topic of them and their problems.

Their “jokes” are exaggerated

Friends can make jokes and laugh at themselves and at each other as long as it’s not offending anyone. If you notice that someone in your company often insults other people with their jokes, the problem is certainly in their toxicity.

They constantly play the role of a victim

When you call them out on their behavior, a toxic person will get insulted and start playing a victim in such situations. They know how to manipulate the emotions of others in order to draw attention from their bad character traits.

What do you think about toxic people and do you have them somewhere around? Comment below and if you like this article, be sure to read this one!