World’s Scariest Destinations – Don’t read

World’s Scariest Destinations – Don’t read

We warned you! Don’t read

World’s scariest destinations are something not so popular perhaps as for the aspect of fear, but these scariest destinations are definitely worth investigating. You will never forget the following scariest destinations we guarantee!

The Island of Dolls

One of the scariest destinations is surely the Island of Dolls located in Mexico.

Scariest Destinations - Island of Dolls, Mexico

Scariest Destinations – Island of Dolls, Mexico

Near Mexico City, the Isla de Las Munecas (Island of the dolls) lays with countless dolls, many without limbs and without eyes.

Dolls hang from the trees and when someone comes here, they have the feeling that they are in a horror movie! There is a legend to this place that a little girl drowned near the island some years ago. It is said that her caretaker hung her doll in remembrance of that little girl. Since then many brought the dolls at the same place.


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We warmly welcome you to Helltown, Ohio, the abandoned city in Cuyahoga Valley. The town is known for it’s many creepy local urban legends related to a chemical spill and murderous Satanists.

The “NO TRESPASSING” signs all over the town are one of the reasons that make this town super creepy!

There is a legend that many years ago there was a toxic chemical spill that resulted in bizarre mutations of the animals in the area. The most deadly being “Peninsula Python” – a snake that grew to enormous size and still slithers near the abandoned town.

Also, there is an abandoned school bus in the center of the town that also holds a dark legend. It is believed that the children on the bus were viciously slaughtered by an insane murderer. There is also a belief that if you peek through the windows, you will see the souls of the children sitting still in the seats.

Chernobyl: City of Ghosts

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On April 26, 1986, the world’s worst nuclear accident happened at the Chernobyl plant, Ukraine, in the Soviet Union. During a test to see how the plant would operate if it lost power, a terrible explosion happened.

It is estimated that the radioactive release was 400 times the size of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

In the city, you can find an old abandoned hospital. The hospital was actually a mental hospital where insane and mentally ill people were locked up. The story goes that after the explosion, some patients have survived and escaped, and were left roaming freely since then.

But the legend also says that many patients have died when the explosion happened and the ghosts are now trapped in the hospital, unable to find their way out.

The people that go to explore the abandoned city report hearing terrible screams coming from the hospital, even tho it has been empty for decades. Some have even reported seeing white figures throw the windows of the hospital.