What will happen if you eat bread with mold?

What will happen if you eat bread with mold?

Mold can sprout on the very edge of a piece of bread and you will not even notice it. Think what can happen – most will say and will be wrong.

Once in the body with bread, mold will lose access to oxygen, and hence the possibility of reproduction. But she will have time to leave on the walls of the stomach the product of her vital activity, myotoxin.

One piece of bread with mold can lead to the accumulation of a large amount of myotoxin. In small quantities, the liver can cope with it, but large loads lead to cirrhosis. Everything starts with a strong poisoning, accompanied by diarrhea and dehydration.

Further accumulation of myotoxins provokes cell mutation. No, not the mutation that allows you to become Superman, but the one that leads to inflammatory processes and oncology.

Worst of all have allergies. In the body of such people, the mold is almost guaranteed to cause a violent allergic reaction – an anilactic shock and Quincke’s edema. Without a trip to the hospital, it will not work out.

Minor particles of mold spores can enter the lungs through the respiratory tract. Here the most favorable environment for reproduction and such an outcome threatens the development of bronchial asthma.

Conclusion: inspect your bread carefully. And if you are not lucky enough to eat a piece of mold, run to the pharmacy for Enterosgel. Gastric lavage will not be superfluous either – it’s better than later in hospitals for several weeks.