A New Kind Of Disloyalty: Do You Know What Micro-Cheating Is?

A New Kind Of Disloyalty: Do You Know What Micro-Cheating Is?

Have you heard about this term? Here is all about micro-cheating as well as are you doing it.

Micro-cheating on work

So you and your (very sweet) colleague have been talking for days about your interest in a particular series, which means you have finally found someone to talk to about the new season (since your partner barely knows the series even exists). Although an evening texting with him about the latest episode is not a fad for you, your partner may consider this as micro-cheating.


What is micro-cheating actually?

Micro-cheating experts describe this term as a series of several small activities that a person does either by focusing physically and emotionally on someone outside of a relationship. Some examples – you lie the others about your love status (saying you are alone), have a certain person in the contacts under a false name, or are secretly texting someone. All of this is micro-cheating. For some, micro-cheating is even when their partner likes someone’s photo on Instagram. Some of the actions are of course controversial, while others are completely normal.

When should you worry about micro-cheating?

When it comes to relationship behavior, everyone has their own interpretation of what is allowed and what is not. But if your relationship with someone else is affecting your relationship with your partner, then this is definitely an indication that something is wrong.

In conclusion

If you are concerned about your partner’s behavior, talk about it honestly and set boundaries. After all, all relationships should be based on open communication.

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