Why is Mr. Big One of the Best Characters in Sex and the City?

Why is Mr. Big One of the Best Characters in Sex and the City?

Even though personally, my favorite character in Sex and the City is Samantha, Big might be holding second place. We could argue that without the incidents that happened with Carrie, Big was actually a pretty likable guy.
Fans say that his worst moments were when he let Carrie down, whether it was because of his emotional unavailability or by being obtuse. BUT, let’s for a moment remove Carrie from the equation and just look at Mr. Big as a character in the show. We must admit that he was pretty likable – Big was smart, attractive, charming, and wealthy, all while being independent and taking care of himself.

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The fascinating thing about a character like Mr. Big in a show like this is that he was completely fine being by himself and not needing to be involved in a relationship with a woman in order to feel complete.

Big was a guy that was comfortable with who he is

Carrie once said that her biggest problem with Mr. Big was the fact that he didn’t seem to let her in. But, realistically speaking, Big did let Carry in – he was just not willing to change his whole life in order to accommodate her. When we look at the situation from a different perspective, it shows that Mr. Big was setting some personal boundaries and sticking to them.

Big made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to change because of Carrie’s whims, even though one might argue that those whims were pretty reasonable. Even though some might not like the guy, but we must admit that Mr. Big was always honest – as with Carrie, as with himself. He told Carrie in one of the early episodes of the series that he likes his apartment, his sheets, and he likes having her by his side.

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Does this mean that Mr. Big was perfect for someone like Carrie, though?

Most likely not. Candace Bushnell, the columnist who Carrie is based on, said in an interview that if Sex and the City were real life, Big and Carrie wouldn’t have ended up together.
The only reason that they did end up together, in the end, is because that’s what the viewers wanted to see, says Bushnell. Even though their relationship was often filled with tension and misunderstandings, that shouldn’t mean that either Carrie or Big were bad people. They were just different people that wanted different things for themselves.